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Tales of Illyria is an original medieval fantasy roleplay, inspired by Namco's Tales series. In the world of Drylla, the races have vied for survival and against the throes of war, political controversy, and the presence of monsters for thousands of years. What the populace is unaware of is the presence of a single group of chosen individuals, who call themselves the Rhakoth: the Voice of the Gods. As war plagues the Elven Realm on the heels of a revolutionary change in the Empire, the Rhakoth continue their duty to protect the world from the dangers that lay beyond. However, a betrayal within the ranks, by Uriel of Light's chosen voice has brought destruction upon the world, releasing the beings known only in legend as hellions: the daeva, creatures born from the world's mana itself that remain hell-bent on Drylla's destruction. With the presence of monsters increasing and the High Daeva's plans to destroy the races of Drylla, the world is on the brink of destruction -- but what other legends could there be in Drylla that could come true?

We have no word count and are rated 18+ only.

09/05/2016: Hey there members! We know it's been slow around here lately, but we're coming to you with some NEW UPDATES! We've had two new IC areas open up: Astyr, the Trade Port, which is a second Guilds port located in Deucalion, as well as the Illyrian Isles, a set of mysterious islands with inaccessible ruins that bear history about Drylla's past, during the time of the gods. We've also had a no-requirements Activity Check, and lastly -- there's a new skin with a completely revised layout and setup! (Well, not completely, but there's some definite changes -- for example, our avatar size has INCREASED from 200x400 to 250x450, which we will over time be updating on the old skins to reflect the change.) We hope you enjoy these, and we hope to see you around!
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